Seascapes and lake locations have become even more desirable for me since discovering the art of long exposure, and I have been trying my luck in becoming as proficient as some of the great photographers who use long exposure photography with success. Unfortunately, it is not an easy task. I am still learning how to use my Big Stopper and the ND grad filters, and the process of learning the art of long exposure photography is difficult, and - as the name implies - long. 


Okanagan Lake

I always admired people who were able to take pictures of docks. Docks have a particular draw for me. I feel like somehow, docks let the viewer literally walk into the picture. The 2 minute exposure in the particular picture made sure that the swimmer in the upper left was obscured, and only the slight ripple is left to be seen.


January Sunset

It was cold, that evening. Very cold. But the colours were amazing, and the clouds. too. To the right, you can spot the Northshore Mountains overlooking Vancouver. It was worth it to head out to the ocean that afternoon, because of that one image that turned out ok. But it was really, REALLY cold. After a few minutes, my fingers felt like they would be dropping off. Did I mention it was cold? 


Île de la Harpe

I visited Switzerland many times in my childhood. But as child, I was blind to its absolute beauty. When visiting a dear friend in Geneva, she brought us to see this little island in the lake. Side by side, she and I took long exposure photographs, which proved difficult because of the moment of the boats there were anchored there. This image is dear to me for many reasons, not just because I think it's pretty. But mostly because it's a treasure shared between friends. 


Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake is Lake Louise's less famous cousin. Higher up in the mountains, without any skying close by, it is not as well known by tourists, and often there are very few visitors when visiting the lake in the off-season. However, Emerald Lake has still lots to offer, and when the sun comes out, its colour really shines.


Carmel Beach

When visiting some dear friends I made on Google+, I had the opportunity to go shooting a seascape at sunset. We were waiting for spectacular colours reflected in awesome clouds, but we got high fog, and hardly any colour at all. At the time, I didn't mind much, because to me, climbing around on the rocks and hanging out with my friends seemed way more important than taking a great picture. However, back home I realize that I had something I could work with, and this is the result. One of my favourite pictures of all time, not only a wonderful memory of times spent with good friends, but also a proud achievement in producing a powerful image from the little mother nature gave me that night.