When you think there's nothing to shoot, there is still a whole universe right in front of you. That's what macro photography is for me - a completely different universe, with things that without the macro lens in front of my eyes, I wouldn't notice. Unfortunately macro photography is not easy to pull off. Minimal focus shifts can kill the picture. But if you succeed, you are left with pictures with a beauty that rivals that of the most amazing landscapes. 



This is a ladybug I found in my garden. He was kind enough to sit still until I could grab this shot. Ladybugs are one of my favourite subjects when it comes to insect photography. I'm not a fan of spiders, and although I have taken spider close-ups from time to time, my 60 mm lens brings me too close for comfort, and I prefer less threatening looking creatures like this ladybug. 


Deep Blue

While not strictly "macro photography" drops are fun. I used my 60 mm macro lens for this attempt, and I was quite happy with the outcome. Considered my amateurish set-up, I was also happy that my camera didn't get soaked, which is quite an achievement considered, how wobbly the construction was from where I suspended the little water filled plastic baggie...



Every so often, I go out and buy myself a flower. One at a time, since they're so expensive. And then for the next few hours, I take pictures of that flower from all different angles. Up high, down low, close up, high key, low key, from below, from above, sideways... and then every once in a while there is one shot I really like, like this one. 


Field of Tulips

Sometimes the flowers don't come to you, you have to come to the flowers. The the annual tulip festival in our area, I was able to capture this picture that stood out from the rest. You know, the one picture that made the trip worthwhile? It's this one. After all these years, still one of my favourites.



Macro Photography doesn't mean you have to ignore other subjects. Grasses with dew drops on them aver very beautiful. When you move the camera to your eye, I venture into another dimension. In that dimension, everything is intriguing and beautiful, and sometimes even intimidating. You notice things you wouldn't even see if it wasn't for that macro lens. You dive into a world that's different from your own, and it's hard to let it go.