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When I was working on this new website, I asked for input from friends and complete strangers. I wanted their opinion on what a website where I wanted to display my photographs and my drawings should look like. As expected, there were a lot of opinions. But one thing seemed clear to everyone: My portfolio was too broad, covered too many subjects. "You need to specialize in something. You need to find your niche."

I've been told, "Don't try to be good at everything. Be great at something." I may not be great at anything. But I try to be good at everything I do. I want to be a good cook. A good mom. A good graphic designer. 


I want to be a good wife, and a good friend. I also want to be a good landscape photographer AND a good macro photographer who is good at portraits. And a good writer, and a good cartoonist, too.

Some say that people who are trying to be good at everything tend to fail a lot. Yes, probably. It happens to me quite often. But people who fail a lot, also succeed sometimes. And that "succeed sometimes" bit, that's what keeps me going, and that is what you will find here.