7 New Year's Resolutions

And just because today is January 1st, here are my 7 resolutions for 2014 and onwards:

  1. Drink 1400 mL of water every day. Plain water. Not tea. Not diet soda. WATER. And possibly before 3 PM.
  2. Walk every day for at least 20 minutes. If I can, more. No excuses. 20 minutes are good, more is better. But 20 are the minimum. Everyone has 20 minutes. I do too.
  3. Budget calories, and stick with the budget. Write down what I eat every day.
  4. Budget money, and stick with the budget. Write down what I spend every day.
  5. If I fail, not drink enough, am too lazy, overeat, overspend, etc. -  forgive myself. If I stumble, I will get back up and do what I'm supposed to do without beating myself up about it. Failure for one day, even for a whole week doesn't mean I have to give up the entire project. 
  6. Make my bed every morning. Statistics show that if you make your bed, you are a happier person. And, the most important one:
  7. Smile at someone, at least once a day. I mean a large smile. One that looks like I mean it. My face muscles need to feel it. That's the smile I'm talking about. 

So, there it is. 7 easy things. No miracles. No hard work. 7 little things that have the potential to make my life better, and make me a happier person. 

If you excuse me now, I have to go make my bed.