Why I still have a blog

Ever since the invention of the "blog", I had one. I started out with Blogger, moved to Tumbler, then to Wordpress.org and back to Tumblr. From there to Wordpress.com, where I settled for right now. I moved and removed so many times, it would be funny if it wasn't such a tragic waste of time. Then came the inception of Google+, and I fell in love with the platform right away. Photos, posts, articles, video clips... great interaction, smart users, what's not to like? I began using Google+ almost exclusively right from the start. I posted small stuff, and large articles. Everything I was doing "online", I did there. It looks great, it gets amazing interaction, so the question arises... Why still using a blog? Mike Elgan wrote a great piece the other day, about why he considers Google+ to be the best communications medium. I believe he's very right. It's an amazing platform that allows you to do everything "the others" let you do, only better. It incorporates the search-ability and easy of use of Twitter, the social interaction of Facebook and the vast and beautiful albums we're used from Flickr in one, all-encompassing website: Google+. Whatever you have to post, if public or private, whatever you have to say or show, you can do it on G+ and record your online life for all eternity...

...if there wasn't this tiny little problem of how to get back to it once it's a couple of years old.

I noticed that if I want to scroll back on my stream, or simply my own posts page, I cannot get to more than a couple of months back without my browser choking to death. The sheer volume of posts kills the stream, and browsing my content becomes a day-long, deadly boring chore. I suppose I am a very proficient poster, but I still think it would be nice to be able to scroll back in the years like Facebook lets you do (OMG, DID I JUST SAY THAT???)

This is the reason why brought my attention back to a blog. Some of the posts I write are really important to me. I want to record them for posterity. Ok, I'm not a journalist. I never invented anything. I'm not important. My opinion doesn't matter. But still, I have one, and I want to go back and read the old crap I wrote a couple of years ago. In 2 years from today, I may want to be stroll back in time read precisely this post of mine, maybe because I want to know what sort of idiotic ideas I was harboring in this big head of mine, or maybe because I want to re-share my idiotic ideas. As of right now, Google+ will not let you browse back my history. If you are a proficient poster, you too will not be able to just "browse" your history on G+.

Maybe soon G+ will change the way they let you browse the content backwards. Until then, my blog will stay. I will post things on Google+ and copy them over to my blog, just because it is so much easier to find the posts that I consider to be important. Or maybe I should just stop posting so bloody much, only do a post  once a week or so, think hard before writing something, and make it count with a really important "re-searcheable" contribution to this amazing social network.

Then again, this is ME we are talking about, so who are we kidding?