My son wasn't very happy with me today. I dragged him away from his friends for a little Sunday afternoon walk with the family (and a photo op, of course). He moaned and whined the whole time in the car. How long is this going to take? When will we back home? Why do I have to come, and so forth. When we got to destination, he barely wanted to get out of the car.I proceeded to set up my tripod and started to shoot. After a while, he finally came to see what I was doing. "Long exposure", I replied. "I really could use some help with the timer." I handed him the iPhone and he stopped the time for my photos. We worked together for a bit, and then I watched him skip some rocks in the lake. After about 20 minutes, I told him that now we'd be going back home. I shouldered the tripod with the camera and we headed back to the car. Halfway there, he grabbed hold of my hand.

We walked together for a while, and when he let go, I found this in my hand.