Street Photography is Difficult

I don't do street photography very often. It’s something that I find extremely intimidating. I do not search confrontation with anyone, but by pointing my camera in someone’s face I feel it would lead to just that, confrontation. So when visiting Seattle’s Pike Place Market last year, I thought that diving into a crowded place where every second person is holding some sort of camera, I wouldn’t stand out very much. I felt relatively safe pointing my camera here and there, took pictures of the merchandise, the architecture, but also of people around me. Very quickly I realized that nobody really paid much attention to me, since they all assumed I just was a snap-happy tourist, and they let me be. Well, until I took a picture of a pair of shoppers admiring the vegetables… through the viewfinder I saw this guy, staring at me through his dark glasses. He looked really grumpy. Pissed off, even. I felt like my cover was blown, and incredibly embarrassed. Quickly dropping the camera in my bag I started walking away, trying to disappear in the crowd. But every time I looked behind me, there he was, a few steps back, still following me. And closing in. I panicked. I would have ran, if there would have been the room to run… too many people, too big a crowd. When I finally felt a hand on my shoulder, I knew it was him.“Wow,” he said, “quite the crowd. I almost lost you. Shouldn’t we find a place to have some lunch soon?” Reluctantly, I agreed. I would have liked to stay a bit longer and take pictures of people. But when my hubby gets hungry, he needs to eat. Otherwise he gets really grumpy.