Do You Suffer From Tripod Allergy?

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When the thought of carrying a tripod around with you gives you hives, and you feel like choking when looking at prices of carbon fibre models online, then you may suffer from a disease called tripod allergy. Tripod allergy is a sickness that affects millions of photographers worldwide. Symptoms include mostly blurry pictures and frozen water movement, but also wonky self-potraits when cameras are placed on car rooftops and slopy concrete walls. Occasional loss of cameras may occur in certain instances. Another less frequent symptom of Tripod Allergy is an rarely occurring illusion of lightness, when the patient imagines the gear bag to be a lot easier to carry around without a tripod. Sometimes the Tripod Allergy can result in a side effect that manifests itself through acute Ballhead envy. Patients often try to cure their Tripod Allergy with purchases of tripod substitutes, such as the cheaper monopods, Gorillapods or even bean bags. This however may result in an increased allergic reaction whereas the patient will refuse to even consider to use the replacement and hence increases ballhead envy manifold.

Do you suffer from Tripod Allergy? Do you give in to the illusion that you can hold your camera steady on a 2 second exposure, and that your gear will be stable when placed on a slippery rock? Do you believe that taking 127 photos in rapid sequence of a flower at 10 inches away with your macro lens will result in at least 1 acceptable picture? Are you convinced that tripods are an unnecessary evil and need to be avoided, and that a tripod is never worth its exuberant cost? Then you may find relief in this group therapy session. Let us know how you feel about Tripods, how long you have been suffering. If you are a recovering sufferer from Tripod Allergy, please feel free to share your experience of how you were able to cure your illness and give us insights of your tripod enriched life.

Thank you.