Reading Makes You Smarter

Thomas wants a story every night before falling asleep. Of course. Reading is important. Every thursday, Thomas’s kindergarten class gets to go to the library and pick up a book to take home for the week. Thomas chose a dinosaur book, like most thursdays. The other days he chooses books about snakes, spiders, bats, rats, sharks, bears, and so on. One day he actually brought a real story book. I was in tears.

Well, ok Thomas. Let’s read the dinosaur book. Here is an excerpt:

“The Family Tree.

The Ankylosaurus was an ankylosaur. Ankylosaur dinosaurs had armor and horns. Other ankylosaur dinosaurs were the Panoplosaurus and the Edmontonia. These ankylosaurs were smaller than the Ankylosaurus. The Ankylosaurus was the biggest ankylosaur.

There were two groups of ankylosaurs. One group was the ankylosaurids. The Ankylosaurus belonged to the ankylosaurids. The ankylosaurids had club tails and wide heads.

The second group of ankylosaurs was the nodosaurids. The nodosaurids did not have club tails. The nodosaurids had spikes on their sides. The Panoplosaurius and the Edmontonia were nodosaurid dinosaurs…”

By this time, your tongue is in nots and you don’t even know anymore what you are talking about. You just keep reading and hope that the “story” is going to be over and done with soon, and you secretly hope that you can find a little nook into which make this book disappear until next Thursday, when it’s due back to the school library… just in case he wants you to read it again!