Who am I?

I'm not really sure myself. 

My name is Karin Nelson. I’m a normal working mom, with a family to care for and a full-time job as a graphic designer. But I am also a passionate photographer, a hopeless cartoonist and a confused writer with a blog nobody reads and a book in my head that hasn't been written yet because I don’t know in which language to write it in.

I'm very vocal. I need to say my thing. And the internet is the perfect place to do so. You’ll find me on Twitter, sometimes on Instagram, and most definitively on YouTube.

Am I a photographer?

If you consider a photographer to be someone who makes a living with photography, then no, I am not a photographer. But if believe that a photographer is someone who has an undying passion for the craft, who tries to better themselves every day, who couldn't imagine a life without camera, and who is immensely proud of the art they create, then yes. I am a photographer. 

Recently I also discovered my love for videography and created my own YouTube channel.

How did I get here?

How do you end up in certain places? You move. And then you move again. And at one point, you realize that this may be the place where you will put down your homestead. Born and raised in Germany, I ventured to Italy by the time I was 20 and stayed there for the next 11 years. And then I moved to Canada, got married, had a son and now I'm here, trying to make the best of it. Not that British Columbia is bad, by any means... but it just ain't like Tuscany, that's fore sure. Nothing is like Tuscany, and although I may never live there again, it will forever be my home. 

The only thing conventional about Karin is that she thinks she is. She is really a very special soul that spreads happiness around like fairy dust - leaving glitter, smiles and wonder in her wake.
— Saronann Kåsa